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The hype of the music is only matched by the hilarity of the performers, the raging crowd rivaling their ridiculous antics. There’s not quite a feeling like watching a DJ pour beer over his face, yelling questionable comments into his megaphone, while a drop builds in front of over-edited Fortnite visuals and releases just after an overblown “No Pomegranates” soundbite wakes up the crowd. It’s like the entire culture of being a college student in 2018 is concentrated into one bass drop, and it’s hype as hell.
— GoodMusicAllDay: University of Texas EDM Duo Auxymorons is Making Waves
Also, one of the final supposed headline acts was, well, totally lame, and nothing like the two UT students who had to play to a tiny crowd with such an early billing. (Hang in there Auxymorons — your time will come.)
— CultureMap: Spotlighting Austin's under-the-radar dance club scene
Everyone’s talking about them. The Auxymorons are taking the University of Texas party scene by storm with their mixes and amusing social media. This past weekend certainly wasn’t the Auxymorons’ first rodeo in the fraternity scene: and it showed. They were fantastic at making each party they played at more lit than the last.
— Verge Campus: Max and Matt Take an Inside Look at This Year’s Roundup 2018
Student DJ duo Auxymorons only started playing at informal “aux” parties a little over one year ago. Now taking the next step in their music careers, they are playing sets at concerts and festivals, including Austin’s upcoming Finding Euphoria.
— The Daily Texan: Students form DJ duo, get added to Finding Euphoria lineup
Hence the need for musical variety to cater for the masses, which Austin has become known for doing so well — up to a point. Now it’s addressing that blind spot. Is Paul Van Dyke still touring? Otherwise, Auxymorons: More of it, please, boys!
— James Jeffrey

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